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how to propose a girl sweetly

Being a single man in the modern day world can be quite a lots of enjoyment, but occasionally you yearn for that companionship of one wonderful lady in your life. How to Propose a Girl sweetly isn’t so simple as going to the grocery store to buy a six-pack. In your life, you will discover, almost certainly, lots of girls whom you’ll want to date, but figuring out how to Propose a Girl sweetly might not always be your solid asset. The possibility of rejection may be overpowering, particularly when you’re very attracted to another person. In case you want to get started on a dating relationship with a girl. However, you must uncover ways to start off discussions that proficiently result to dates.

Inside an ideal world, the woman of your dreams might detect how much fascination you may have on her, and she may make it clear the feeling is the same. However, this world is far from being ideal, and very few girls undertake the step to ask guys out on a date. To date successfully, it truly is up to you to go ahead and take techniques which are needed to set up dates. You can expect to be rejected, and you will go through disappointments. However, these shall only make your dating successes substantially sweeter.

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The initial step you’ll need to take into account when you are confused about how to ask a girl out develop some confidence in yourself. No woman is going to be interested in dating you if it isn’t evident why you’re a fantastic catch.

Once you may have worked on your self-confidence, you may sense the urge to treat dating with extreme seriousness. That is a tremendous mistake. Women don’t frequently react well to guys with no sense of humor. They respond more poorly to guys who telegraph their intentions when it comes to asking them on dates. Rather, have a casual and helpful tactic. Use humor even when you don’t know any good jokes. The key is to project an easy-going personality while making it clear you are interested in the gal you want to ask out.

As soon as you have got her chuckling and looking at you as though you’re the most amazing human being in the world, it’s time to set up a date. Stop yourself from asking her out to any particular function or activity. Alternatively, propose that you and she must go out some time to try and do something informal. Next, in subsequent talks, the two of you may make a decision on the details of your meeting.

Make sure to keep the conversation informal, and try not to exhibit disappointment in case your advances are not effective. Some gals choose to play hard-to-get; therefore you may have to try once more next time. You could help yourself and salvage a possible future date by remaining pleasant and happy all throughout your conversation. She’s going to value your character, particularly when you make it crystal clear that her rejection will not faze you.

Hanuman Links to Bermuda Triangle 0

Yes, you may be wondering after reading the post title that what may be the relation of Ramayana to that of Bermuda Triangle (One of the biggest mysteries on earth) and how Hanuman is linked to Bermuda Triangle. The only relation between the two namely Ramayana and the Bermuda Triangle is Lord Hanuman. The Hindu Monkey God Hanuman is very famous across the world for his massive strength and power, courage and devotion.

Hanuman is the only savior of the kalyuga

According to Hindu mythology and followers of Hanuman in other parts of world like West Indies and US,  Hanuman is the only savior of Kalyuga and so they keep worshiping Lord Hanuman with full devotion. They have added narrating the Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkand in their daily prayers.

As you know that Hanuman is blessed with all deities and powerful blessing by all gods and so he is very skillful and powerful right from his early age.  He is blessed by almost the Gods with specific power. Mentioned below are some special blessings to Hanumaan by Hindu Gods.

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Hanuman was blessed with immortality by goddess Sita and lord Rama 

Hanuman as the Only savior of Kalyuga

When Ram was dropping from earth to do a back to his house, he asked every one of his followers incorporating hanumaan to accompany him however Hanumaan declined saying that he is such a great amount of captivated by his blessed name that he need to keep focused to hear the devotees serenade his master sacred name. He said Chanting Rama is sweeter than paradise. In this way, he kept focused to hear the serenade of ruler smash sacred name and helping all his sincere devotees.

Another type of story says that when lord ram requested that every one of his devotees climb to vishunu loka, then hanumaan additionally approached to serve Him in vaikuntha, however Rama helped Hanuman to remember his longing to remain focused and rousing subjects of earth to accomplish Sri Ram (Vaikuntha). He additionally helped him to remember goddess Sita gift of everlasting life turning vain on the off chance that he climbs to vishnuloka. So lord ram requested that hanumaan keep focused to offer tenants of earth some assistance with attaining moksha through commitment and karma.

Bermuda Triangle – a haunted Place of World

In Ramayana there is a story about Demon Simikha, that she engulf any substance shadow when passing through its range and she lives in ocean. When Lord Hanumaan was crossing Indian Ocean to reach Lanka then he felt that his speed is getting diminished and lastly zero. After some time he realized that he was in Stomach of Simikha or chayagrahi.

After fight with Simikha Lord Hanumaan increased his body sized almost size equals to mountain and then he destroys all the vital organs of Simikha and in this way he Simikha death tool place and she simikha rored like a dense cloud and finally dead.

Hanuman Lins to Bermuda Triangle

Same is the case with Bermuds Triangle that heavy thunder with dense clouding is always seen at Bermuda Triangle and the region also engulf anything whose shadow comes in its radar. So, according to Hindu Mythology Bermuda Triangle is the kingdom of Devils and only Lord Hanumaan can destroy it and save this earth.

Conclusion: All the information used to built link between Bermuda triangle and Hanumaan is based on the massive meditative power and consciousness that only a sage can imagine and see which is far beyond than the thinking of a common man. Above all Bermuda Triangle is still a matter of mystery.


Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Themes 0

Owning and operating a WordPress site involves more than just uploading your blog or other information. In addition to serving as an information portal for your business or hobby, your WordPress site represents your name brand, whether as a business, blogger, or hobbyist.

When picking a theme that represents your brand, make sure to find out about available WordPress themes, whether you want to use a free or paid theme, and whether the themes you like can support the plug-ins you want to utilize.

What Is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme represents more than just the colors and layout of your site. A well-thought-out theme can help drive traffic to your blog and then funnel attention to where you need it once visitors land on your site.

An easy way to build your own WordPress theme is by using a WordPress theme framework. A framework allows you to use an overall parent theme and then add on a child theme to use with it. This lets you customize the layout of your site more easily with the ability to switch themes easily between pages on your site.

Free vs. Paid WordPress Themes

If you don’t have the know-how or just don’t have the time to develop your own WordPress theme, you can use one of the many free themes or pay for a theme someone else developed. Using a premade theme can allow you to focus on other things, such as your blog or business. The drawback to using a theme someone else developed is that the theme might not represent exactly what you were looking for.

The main difference between a free and paid theme is the level of support. Free themes usually have no support if something goes wrong, but a premium or paid theme offers technical support if necessary.

What to Look for in a WordPress Theme

After you decide on a free or paid WordPress theme, it is time to pick your favorite theme. When comparing themes, keep the following in mind:

  • Keep it Simple: The best themes are usually the simplest. A theme that is too busy can distract visitors when they visit your site, keeping them from going where you need them to go.
  • Responsive Themes: With the advent of mobile devices, sites that can adjust to the type and size of screen are more important than ever. To account for different devices, look for responsive themes.
  • Browser Compatibility: Before implementing a theme on your site, make sure it works with a variety of Internet browsers. At least make sure it works with the big three: Firefox, Explorer, and Chrome.
  • Plug-ins: If you have certain plug-ins you want to use on your site, make sure the WordPress theme works with them. This is important if you plan on performing e-commerce on your site, especially if you have a particular plug-in in mind.
  • SEO Friendly: Look for WordPress themes with well-coded HTML; poorly coded themes can affect your site’s SEO friendliness. SEO compatibility is one of the main drivers of traffic to your site.

Finding the best WordPress theme is critical when designing your site and thus newbies prefer blogspot and use blogger themes. Your best bet is familiarize yourself with your favorite WordPress themes before choosing the best one for your site.


How to Use Hostgator Coupons 0

How to Use Hostgator Coupons: The Internet is rife with badly designed websites and blogs that add no value and are consequently abandoned. You do not want to add to that. If you are in any way serious about building a website—whether for personal use or for business purposes, it is essential that you are well aware of all the tools available to you so you can maximize your opportunities, get your money’s worth and, therefore, come up with the best website possible. You don’t need a specialized degree nor do you need to hire expensive professional consultants or contractors to do all this. With a bit of diligence, extensive research, and some ingenuity, you can do it all yourself.

Create the Best Content

The first step is, of course knowing, what your purpose is. Make sure you have a clearly defined objective for starting a website. Do you want to promote something—a service or a business? Do you want to share your expertise or your experiences? Do you want to showcase your creativity and talents? Do you want to create a space where like minded people can congregate and interact with each other? Do you want to sell something? There is a website for nearly everything, but not all of them are created equal. No matter what your chosen goal or niche is, one rule applies to all: You must have quality content. This means it must be well-written, concise, easy to read and accessible to all, engaging, and accurate.

Content does not merely stop at the written text. Most people are visual and are repelled by bad graphics. I cannot stress this enough. Even before you read anything, you can tell whether a website is unprofessional and sloppy from the graphics alone, especially on the homepage.

If graphic design is not your forte, you can always commission talented artists to create whatever graphics you need based on your specifications. You can easily find one within whatever budget you are working with. This also applies to text. Outsource a copyeditor if you need.

Go for the Most Cost Effective Web Hosting Service Provider 

A website hosting service provider is essential if you want your website to look better in a professional and credible way. Good hosting service providers should also provide site building tools, an easy way to keep track of your metrics, and readily reachable technical support experts that can talk you through anything. This is even more important if you are not very technically inclined. If think you will need a lot of help in trouble-shooting, fixing bugs in the design, the tech expert will be your new best friend.

If you are new to all this you are in luck. Most hosting service providers like HostGator offers discounts for new accounts. They also regularly offer promos, bundles, and coupons so you can stretch your dollar. Keep your eyes peeled for these. You don’t have to be an expert to maximize how to use hostgator coupons to get discounts on hosting and design. If you need help on how to use hostgator coupons you can start by going to their site and reading up on the mechanics and FAQs.

Hostgator will also provide a wide range of options when it comes to your desired hosting plan and design. Most plans are very generous in their bandwidth allotment. This is great for those planning to have websites that are heavy on the graphics—whether photos or videos. Read through their site to find out how to use hostgator coupons to avail of great discounts for this.

With all these tools and information available for you with just a click of the mouse, there is simply no excuse to produce substandard websites. Don’t be lazy. Internet users are acquiring increasingly higher standards when it comes to the content they consume online and the sites they choose to spend their surfing hours. The advent of smart phones and wide spread internet access has made it even more so. If you want to produce something engaging and worth spending precious time on you cannot neglect any of the things mentioned above. Now more than ever the medium, the interface, and the design are just as important as the message itself.

Energy Boosters for a Daily Life 0

Energy Boosters for a Daily Life: As we all know that the present world is suffering from global economic scarcity and hence most of the people try to do several tasks at the same time to earn some extra money. Some people have the stamina to do so many jobs at the same time and some got habituated to their works but their also exist a class of peoples from which I belongs to who get tired often and feel there is a loss of energy. I hope you also try medication but did not get effective result in the situation.

Taking problem in mind, I am going to share among you the ways which will definitely helps in changing your lifestyle and serves as awesome energy boosters to you!

Energy Boosters for a Daily Life

Follow a regular exercise routine:

It is an old traditional concept that exercising daily involves loss of energy but a proper exercise routine actually helps you to gain more energy for the day. After reading these statements do not get excited and enlist you in a gym immediately. Rather sufficient amount of walk and bicycling daily also comprise of your daily routine and improves the cardiovascular strength which helps in improving your energy.

Breathe properly (Energy Boosters for a Daily Life)

It has been proved beyond that proper breathing helps in right oxygen circulation in your body and thus helps in increasing energy levels by preventing accumulation of oxidants. At the same time taking fresh oxygen in the morning will helps in providing renewed energy to your body to perform its regular activities.

Have proper food (Energy Boosters for a Daily Life)

Rather than taking full, I mean over consumption of food at a single time you should take fewer amounts as usually and in between meal have snacks that are reaching in nutrients. In evening, besides taking chips after meal you should end up your day with fresh fruits and sandwiches. They also help in boosting energy.

Drink plenty of water (Energy Boosters for a Daily Life)

Drinking sufficient amount of water with other beverages like tea, coffee and juice helps in improving energy level of your body. Besides boosting your energy level, water also helps you to stay health and have lustrous skin as well as hair.

Be eco friendly (Energy Boosters for a Daily Life)

Try to have some greenery around your house as it helps in reducing stress naturally. Besides it you can also have a walk to a botanical park daily to reduce your stress.

So, these are some of the ways I have that will helps you in reducing your stress and serves as energy boosters. So do not think thrice and involves these ways in your daily routine.

Top 5 Best Tips to Increase Your Broadband Speed 0

Whether you are using internet for making presence over social networking sites or you are a veteran down-loader, you all know the how much of a difference broadband speed affects the browsing experience. After a humble starting of web, it has comes a long way and now a days almost all the web page is full of dynamic content, multimedia and thousand of active members all the time on a page.

Top 5 Best Tips to Increase Your Broadband Speed

Top 5 Best Tips to Increase Your Broadband Speed

If your internet speed is low and need to open multiple tabs at one time then the real strain comes out. For fastest browsing experience, you need to have fastest possible speed from Internet Service Providers.

Most of the people access internet using their modems and DSL Connection. I think, you probably have heard about the term modem and what does DSL mean. Of course subscribing high internet speed and still don’t getting the speed creates a lot of problems.

In this blog post I have shared my experience regarding increasing your broadband speed and mentioned few best tips to increase your internet (broadband) speed.

Top 5 best tip to increase your broadband Speed

Busy Network?

Several users connected to internet at the same time lead to slow down of internet speed. Using torrent services or streaming services consumes large amounts of bandwidths and leads to slow down of internet for everyone else. You can use services like Talk- Talk (Provides great services and Internet packages) to maintain the internet speed and stay safe online.

Keep the Computer in Smooth Running Order

Sometimes slow downloading and browsing is nothing to do with internet connection. Those computers which load automatically unused software and programs on start up will hog computer resources and make simple tasks such as opening a tab in browser very slow. Sometimes the software which has no access to internet may be surreptitiously downloading the updates in the background and a s a result it leads to slow browsing and downloading experience. So, it is very important to look at computer start up routines. This strategy will stop unwanted programs from grinding everything to a halt.

Clean Up Internet Browsers

Tips to Increase Your Broadband Speed

Tips to Increase Your Broadband Speed

It is very important to maintain the internet browsers for a speedy browsing and downloading experience. As you know that browsers store information and data from internet in their cache and so the website visited regularly load more quickly than the other ones. Unfortunately, these bloated cache can cause problem in loading some of the websites and so it is advisable to clear your cache every once in a while.

Optimize the Wi-Fi Signals

Optimization of Wi-Fi signals is one of the important factors that lead to increase in the speed of your broadband internet. Now a day almost all the devices comes with Wi-Fi built in them and if any device creates interfere in the route then it will lead to the disturbance in the signal and thus slow down of broadband internet speed.

Check the plans before getting recharged

Some broadband internet services limit the speed of the internet for particular days and after passing of that period it leads to reduce in the speed of the internet. For example, if you have recharged with unlimited pack then it also has some limited period in which it runs at its maximum speed but after that it reduced to the 2G speed. So, carefully read the small print before getting recharged with internet packs.

These are the top 5 best tips to increase your broadband speed. If you have any problem or query regarding this article, feel free to leave a comment via comment box. Your comments are always valuable for us.

Benefits of sulfate Free shampoo 0

In all daily use products ranging from toothpaste to shampoo, sulfates are one of the primary and most common constituent among them. Almost,  all the brands of shampoo that you use contains sulfate. Sodium lauryl sulfate, a common type of sulfate sis mainly found in all common shampoo. This post only deals about the benefits of Sulfate free Shampoo.

You can even see this constituent on the label of the shampoo given at the back side of bottle. For your knowledge, sulfates are very harmful for your hair and it also pollute the environment in so many ways.

Benefits of sulfate Free shampoo

Benefits of sulfate Free shampoo

Actually sulfates tend to easily spread out of water by decreasing surface tension of water. The decrease in the surface tension leads to increase in the weight of water and thus form lather when applied to hair. The common types of sulfate present in your shampoo includes sodium lauryl sulfate, ammoniumlauryl sulfate etc. these sulfates are responsible for the removal of dirt from hair.

Apart from removing dirt from hair, these sulfates however can have some negative effect too on your hair such as hair loss and fall. These sulfates can dehydrate your sebaceous gland and trap some important oils and moisture from your scalp and also tends to damage the hair follicles over scalp and thus causing hair fall and loss.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is the most common type of sulfate used in the shampoo and unfortunately; it is the most harmful sulfate that can lead to discolor of your hair on every wash. This is the reason why many people i.e. both men and women have top color their hair again and again by color mate.

Note: = The color mate is very harmful for the scalp and it can even worse the condition of your hair.

You can use so many alternatives means sulfate free shampoo instead using a sulfate free shampoo. The working principles of these shampoos are similar to that of sulfate rich shampoo but are not harmful for your hair. One should use sulfate free shampoo as there are so many benefits of it. Some of the benefits of sulfate free shampoo are following:

Benefits of sulfate Free shampoo

  • Reduce irritation: It has been found that a sulfate based shampoo do not only irritate your hair but also leads to irritation of your skin. So, you can reduce the irritation of you r skin by using sulfate freebased shampoos.
  • God for Colored Hair: Sulfate free shampoo reduces the fading process of color. So, if you colored your hair recently and wants that it remain it’s shining for the long time then you should rinse your hair with sulfate free shampoo.
  • A sulfate free shampoo reduces the frizzles and occurrence of grey hair.

So, these are some of the benefits of sulfate free shampoo for your hair and as well as for your skin. of-course, these sulfate free shampoo are costlier than the common shampoo but very effective!!!

Ranbir Katrina Breakup over Conflicting Differences 1

After having a long relationship of 6 years and living in together , the famous Bollywood Stars Ranbir Kapoor (the famous Raj Kapoor‘s grandson) and Katrina Kaif finally called it quit to each other. According to them, their is a big difference in their thoughts and thus unable to made better understanding. The pair apparently had a lot of differences in their lifestyle.

ranbir katrina breakup

Ranbir Katrina Breakup

They had an excess of contrasts that were uncertain,” a source told Pinkvilla. “Regardless of the fact that the two have been attempting to make their relationship work for over a year now. Katrina was undoubtedly uncomfortable with Ranbir’s closeness to his ex, Deepika Padukone, amid the Tamasha advancements and even gave a dangerous meeting to a magazine where she implied about Ranbir being uncertain about his decisions. Katrina needed to settle down.

They’ve been having an excess of contradictions and the issue that is finally too much to bear was when Ranbir moved out of their flat in Bandra, Mumbai, to his guardians’ home. Katrina too has cleared the condo and is all set to busy her in promotion of her next film.

The news may come as a stun to their fans who till a couple of weeks back were amped up for a photo of them kissing on their balcony. Be that as it may, the couple’s companions are not really astonished. They knew the two made them come at some point or another. Another source includes, “To what extent would you be able to turn away a separation when two individuals are simply not getting along. There is additionally staunch resistance from Ranbir’s family. It wasn’t a decent sign when Neetu Kapoor bunked the yearly Christmas lunch. She has never missed that family assembling. With both his guardians against the collusion, it simply doesn’t appear to be worth dragging it on anymore.

Above all, Kaif was already connected to Salman Khan despite the fact that that relationship finished rather drastically, and the bollywood actress stayed near the Dabangg hitmaker.